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General Signage

General Signage

table cloth printing

Signs with cut-out sections

These signs are manufactured using an aluminum frame, a power coated metal sheet witch is cladded with a laminated full colour image of your brand or design.
The cut out section is also laminated and mounted with spacers onto the front of the sign. This gives the sign a 3d appearance and is sure to impress your customers.
Just about any size sign can be manufactured and installed.
table cloth printing

PVC large signs with frames

These signs are printed onto PVC and then stretched within a steel frame. It’s very easy and cost-effective to replace these signs and is also a very simple task to place the new sign within the frame.

If you are looking for an affordable way to sign your name big, then this is the signage for you.

The size of this sign is 3meter high and 5 meter wide. It is mounted within a frame that is raised away from the wall by just under one meter. After we installed it, the total height of the sign was 6 meters.
What more could you ask for?

table cloth printing

PVC stretched over an aluminum or steel frame

This is one of the top signage systems available. The sign with the metal frame is the winner by far as the price is lower than the sign with the aluminum frame.
We also install these sign across the JHB and PTA area.